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Minimise costs and maximise power and flexibility with Internet based phone systems across your group. 

Deploying the same telephone system across your group will deliver the following benefits: 

  • Standard dial plans 

  • Consistent music on hold and announcements across the group 

  • Cost savings across all sites 

Telephony group strategies 

Call centre 

By deploying modern Internet based phone systems, it's possible to host a call centre to handle all inbound or overflow calls from your sites in another location. 

Multiple lines

Known as "trunks", modern Internet based phone systems can easily have almost unlimited "lines", as each low bandwidth "trunk" goes over the same Internet connection. There should be no more engaged tones for inbound calls, or lack of available lines for outbound calls. 

Queues and IVR

Calls can be routed to queues or an IVR system (menu system).  


We supply only high end managed switches, to provide reliable high performance connectivity at the heart of your network. 

Time conditions

We supply HP and Lenovo PCs. These can be in tower/monitor or AIO (all in one) configurations. All in one is our most popular format; these machine look modern and sleek, are tidier with less cabling, and can be wall mounted if required. 

Day/night/training modes

As an alternative to time and day based conditions, you can have a manual day/night setup, to switch between different dial pans and announcements. 

Music on hold

You can customise your music on hold with professional studio recording marketing, or your own choice of MP3s. 

Call recording 

We supply only the most reliable and safest Internet connection equipment. 

TAPI Integration

Our phone systems support TAPI standards, to allow integration with other software applications; this allows, for example, your software to “click to dial” your customer, or to recognise the incoming caller ID and display the customer name or records ready. 

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Internet group strategies

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