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About Dental IT

For almost 2 decades Dental IT has been supporting IT networks across the UK and Ireland; we have been involved with the move to digital imaging at practices, the widespread adoption of dental practice manage systems, broadband and Internet telephony. We are aware of the specific issues affecting dental practices, the relationships between the various industry suppliers and consumers, and industry trends. Whilst any IT supplier could support your IT network, a specialist who knows this vertical market is best placed to ensure your IT infrastructure supports all of your practices' data, software, imaging and networking requirements.  


sites assessed and audited


McDonalds spend by the engineers


of calls answered within 1 minute

17 years of Dental Industry Experience 

We do not compromise on quality, and will not take on contracts or installation work that will result in sub standard IT networks or unsafe systems. We have never installed a peer to peer workgroup network and will never do so. 


Dental IT has an enviable record in security and data integrity, and a reputation for the high quality systems we install and administer.  

Meet Liam

The company was started by Liam McNaughton in 2003. Liam previously worked as technical head of Technical Support at Global Internet in London, where he gained experience of managing helpdesk teams as well as the design, build, administration and maintenance of the backend servers, networks, Internet equipment and services. Liam has an IT experience which is not only broad but deep; he has come across almost every IT related challenge in dentistry, and has knowledge and experience of what works best. 

Have a project in mind?

Dental IT offer a free of charge, no commitment, remote audit to any dental practice. To contact us about this, or get a quote for support, or for any other enquiry, please complete this form and we will contact you back. 

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Operations Manager


Lead technical engineer


Senior field engineer specialising in AD


Business Development, Procurement, Account Management and SEO Manager


UI/UX Developer and Designer

Meet the team

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