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We can audit sites before or during acquisition, to give you the clearest possible report on the IT standards at a site, and what work may be required to reach your corporate standards. Ongoing, we can generate detailed reports of the IT infrastructure across the group, everything from detailed computer specifications to software versions. We can help you forecast likely IT spends years ahead, as well as project typical failure rates and refresh intervals.  

Network Infrastructure

  • The cabling 

  • The WiFi 

  • Printers and scanners 

  • The router 

  • The Internet connection 

  • The workstations 

  • The server

  • The switches  

Cyber Protection

  • The firewall

  • Web filter

  • Anti spam

  • Monitoring

  • Firmware and manufacturer updates

  • Antivirus

  • Windows updates

Server components

  • RAM, CPU, disks specifications

  • Network shares

  • RAID

  • DNS

  • DHCP

  • Monitoring

  • The backup systems


  • Warranties

  • The operating systems

  • The DI (digital imaging)

  • The PDQ

  • Performance

  • UPS

Software and services

  • Cloud integration

  • The DPMS (dental practice management system)

  • Microsoft Office

  • Other software

  • The domain and hosting

  • The email

  • Remote access

  • Other Office 365 apps

IT auditing, analysis

and consultancy 

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Costs and refresh forecasting

Have a project in mind?

Dental IT offer a free of charge, no commitment, remote audit to any dental practice. To contact us about this, or get a quote for support, or for any other enquiry, please complete this form and we will contact you back. 

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