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Stabilising and making safe 

When we took over the networks, Obex Dental was suffering significant disruption and problems caused by underperforming hardware, space issues, and the like. We were able to quickly implement some changes to get the situation under control.  

Obex Dental

About Obex Dental

Obex Dental operate a number of practices in and around the Luton, Hitchin, Harpenden and Hemel Hempstead  areas in the South East.  

Bringing the network up to standard 

Over time, we brought the entire estate up to a good standard of IT, with fast HP AIO (all in one) workstations deployed where needed, and high end servers installed, provisioned and built to support the significant application workloads at these large and busy NHS practices, and high end private practices. 

Securing the networks 

Introduced network policies to minimise risk from malware and user behaviour. 

AD and VPN 

All of the many sites that form part of Obex Dental are now linked by VPN and a common AD (Active Directory) infrastructure. This means users can log in at any location across the entire estate and experience the benefits of single sign on, roaming profiles, single network shares and common integrations with Office 365 and Sharepoint services. 

Ongoing development 

We continue to work closely with Obex Dental to develop their IT and telephony further, and Obex Dental help us to develop our processes to give better customer service, change management, and IT services delivery. 

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