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AD (Active Directory) can be implemented at site or at group level; this allows SSO (single sign on) for your staff across all desktop, remote, laptop and mobile devices. AD allows for better management of staff access to the network and access to shared network resources, and a more secure new staff and leavers process. It gives you the capability of enforcing the same computer policies across the entire group, easily configuring everything from the computer desktop background to which applications can be used. AD brings enterprise grade IT standards to the dental market. 

What is Active Directory? 

Active Directory is Microsoft's user and computer database which enables users and devices to have credentials to connect to the network, from any connected device. Active Directory changes the structure of the network from one where users have accounts just on the local machine, to the same account that work on any machine at a site, or any machine across a group of sites. 

Active Directory 

What can you do with Active Directory? 

Many, many things. Even within one network, having Active Directory means that you can specify which users have access to certain files, and which do not. Which users have permission to run certain applications, and which do not. Dental practices in particular, are the kind of business where "hot desking" is fairly normal. It is not unusual for a receptionist to work in surgery from time to time, or a practice manager to work on reception. And most users will expect to be able to operate on any computer. Active Directory allows those users to work on any machine whilst keeping their data and their access separate to anyone else's.  

What is SSO? 

With SSO (Single Sign On) your staff have the same set of credentials across all devices and cloud services. So it is the same username and password that gives them access to their PCs, or their laptop, as it is to access their email or Microsoft Teams. 

Speed of response 

Flare is designed to enable short, fast and effective communications between your teams and our helpdesk staff.  

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