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We offer regular onsite or remote (Zoom or Teams) consultancy, meetings and reviews with you and key members of your team. The nature of timing of these meetings depends on your corporate structure, and will be customised and agreed with you to support your requirements. We suggest a regular meeting that is entirely security focused.  

Security meetings 

At a security meeting we would review, amongst other things: 


  • Windows and software updates status across the network 

  • Starters and Leaver's processes 

  • Mobile device management 

  • User account auditing 

  • Local admin accounts 

  • Domain admin accounts 

  • Firewall statuses 

  • Staff awareness and training 

  • AV status 

  • Email protection 

  • ATP (advanced threat protection) 

  • Application control 

  • Web filtering 

  • Physical security of core network equipment 

  • Phishing calls and emails 

  • Cloud storage 

  • Penetration testing 

  • Cyber essentials 

  • Encryption standards on emails 

  • Bitlocker and encryption on mobile devices and laptops 

Security strategy, meetings and reviews 

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