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You don't want rogue or sub standard or non standard IT. You need to know that the IT systems your IT partner specifies, builds and maintains are adding value to your business. 

Using only the best software

and hardware

Networks built by Dental IT use only enterprise class HP and Dell servers, specified for high availability, maximum performance, longevity and compatibility. We use only business class HP and Lenovo workstations and laptops, HP printers and scanners and Unifi switches and WAPs - all configured and maintained to appropriate industry standards. We use only mainstream and well supported backup systems. All our networks are built with firewalls at the perimeter, and Windows Updates and Anti Virus properly configured and monitored. 

We never build "workgroup/peer to peer" networks, preferring industry standard AD (Active Directory) based Windows server networks. We always use the latest Windows Server Operating System, currently Server 2019. DHCP, DNS and other services are configured to Microsoft best practice recommendations. 

Best practice IT management 

Examples of bad and good practice IT 

  • The network has no dedicated server. A machine on reception acts as the "server". 

  • All users login with the same username and everyone knows the password 

  • Passwords are very poor, like "D3nt4l, Buffalo1, Letmein1, Pa$$word" etc 

  • WiFi password is the same for patients and guests 

  • Windows updates are turned off in case they "cause trouble" 

  • All well designed Windows networks have a dedicated server that users do not log into and work on  

  • Users have their own logins and their own passwords 

  • Passwords are at least 8 characters or more, complex and hard to guess 

  • There is a separate guest network using technology to separate and isolate the network traffic 

  • Windows updates are managed by the IT company or automatically installed 

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Dental IT offer a free of charge, no commitment, remote audit to any dental practice. To contact us about this, or get a quote for support, or for any other enquiry, please complete this form and we will contact you back. 

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