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At Dental IT we have been using and recommending Office 365 almost since its inception. Now called "Microsoft 365", this service has evolved to offer so much more than just the Office "suite" and email; we are familiar with and can support many of the 365 services such as OneDrive, Sharepoint, Forms, Planner, Teams and Yammer. We can migrate your network to Microsoft 365, integrate and rollout the required services, and enable SSO (single sign on) so your on premises users' credentials are in sync with Microsoft 365. 

Office apps 

Familiar to users for decades, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are mainstays of document and email creation and handling. Most users now opt to purchase these applications via subscription; indeed the last "retail" version of the Office apps that will be able to be "purchased" is Office 2019. All future deployments will need to be subscription based. Whilst somewhat more costly over time, this does have the advantage that the software is automatically kept up to date and secure. 

Microsoft 365 adoption and optimisation


Microsoft's cloud based email platform is one of the most secure available, and with additional security features such as "Advanced Threat Protection" which gives special protection against suspect links and attachments, this email platform is a strong recommendation for most businesses. 


Microsoft's cloud based file storage service has evolved to become a very powerful file storage, sharing and syncing platform.  


Some of our corporate customers choose to use Sharepoint as an Intranet resource tool for shared documents, calendars and other resources. 

Microsoft Teams 

Slack paved the way, but Microsoft has done an excellent job of creating a messaging, video and audio application that has moved to the heart of many business' internal communications. Teams has further come into its own in the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing businesses to continue to communicate and collaborate easily from any location. 

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